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Summer Holidays 2014 Wrap-Up

This is the first Summer Holiday Wrap-Up on Bonfire Books, and I hope to be able to repeat it next year and the next and so on. I love to challenge myself, and for the 6 weeks summer holidays I challenged myself to read at least 30 books. Below I am going to list ALL the books I read. I have been a bit cheeky and counted novellas towards my tally- they count right? Surely they must 😉

My school broke up at 12:30pm on Wednesday 23rd of July and I went back on Monday 8th of September. So just to confuse you I’ll be counting books read from the 24th of July until the 7th of September.


Blood Entwines queen of someday Obsidian Onyx Opal Origin the winter people Opposition rebel heart Devices planet urth Black Ice These Broken Stars daughter of smoke and bone  the assassin and the pirate lord the assassin and the healer1 the assassin and the desert the assassin and the empire the assassin and the underworld Throne of glass Crown of Midnightwe were liars the bone season heroes melt pushing the limits the 5th wave to kill a mockingbird tremors

Overall I read a total of 31 books including the 6 novellas and it was a total of 8,766 pages!! I am literally so proud. It’s my new favourite number 😉

Well, that’s it. Sorry if you were hoping for more. I’m only one person after all. Like I said before, I hope to do this next year and cant wait to see how many books I can read. I’ll also get study leave this year, starting in May; so hopefully I can read a lot of books. And revise, of course! Until then, Tschüß!


August Mini Wrap-Up

I’m so sorry that this is so late, but I have been really busy moving house and going back to my last year at school. But August marked a really good reading month for me; possibly one of my best ever! I read a total of 14 books and 5 novellas!!!

So, this is going to be a long list. But lets start with what I did read this month:

the winter people Opposition rebel heart Devices planet urth Black Ice These Broken Stars daughter of smoke and bone the assassin and the pirate lord  the assassin and the healer1 the assassin and the desert the assassin and the empire the assassin and the underworld we were liars the bone season heroes

Books I re-read in August:

Origin Throne of glass Crown of Midnight

I am currently reading:

the kiss of deception

I probably bought books in August, but I really can’t remember lol. Here are a few I got for my birthday:

These Broken Stars four we were liars

Although we are currently half way through September, these are the books I want to read before the month is out:

partials the coldest girl in coldtown

So yeah, those are the books I read in August. Pretty good I think, it definitely brought my book count for this year up. By the end of August I was at 79 books. I’m aiming for 100 before December 31st and really hope I get there. I’m just about to do my Summer Holidays Wrap-Up, where there will be a lot MORE books listed. Wish me luck!:)

Mini July Wrap-Up

Summer is here (for me) and I now have time to read for 6 weeks! I’m going away in the middle of August and moving at the beginning of September, so my reading may dwindle off towards the end of my 6 week break, but at the moment I’m pretty much reading a book every other day and have managed to read 13 books in July! 🙂

So, onto the books I read in July:

Cress winger the revealed playing nice shadow and bone The Pledge The Essence The Offering Blood Entwines queen of someday Obsidian Onyx Opal

I am currently reading:


Books I have hauled this month:

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Knife Edge Hush,hush the early years at malory towers later years at malory towers

I don’t really have a TBR for August, I’m just going to read what I want at the time. I do plan to read these three books over the course of the month, though:

the winter people afterworlds Opposition

Well, that’s everything for July. I also have my birthday in August, so I hope to have a nice book haul to post about soon. I also have a lot of reviews to catch up on, so thanks for reading and have a great month!

Mini June Wrap-Up

I can’t believe I’m doing another wrap-up already! June has flown by and I can’t believe that (for me), the summer holidays are just around the corner! But without further ado, these are the books I read this month:

city of heavenly fire surrender the sky branded split second every second counts cinder scarlet

Books I started and didn’t continue with:

Cuckoo Song

I am currently reading:


Books I recently hauled:

daughter of smoke and bone wool shadow and bone the knife of never letting go the ask and the answer monsters of men

And, my TBR for July:

winger the revealed playing nice Valentine Bell The Golden Years

Thanks for reading my mini June wrap-up! Hopefully I will be posting my review for Cinder, Scarlet and Cress by Marissa Meyer!!

Mini May Wrap-up

Hello! I hope everyone has had a great May, I can’t believe it’s nearly June already! I decided this month to do a short, mini wrap-up and will hopefully end up doing one at the end of every month now. I want to start with all the books I have read this month:

Reckoning Crown of Midnight Delirium afterlife

aspen Half Bad: cover of first novel by Sally Green, predicted to be next Harry Potter or Twilight Saga city of lost souls

I am currently reading:

city of heavenly fire

Books that I have recently hauled:

ocean at the end of the lane winger

And, finally, my TBR for June is:

surrender the sky Cuckoo Song branded cinder scarlet Cress


Thanks for reading my mini May wrap-up! See you in June where I will hopefully be posting my review for Half Bad by Sally Green!!


Note: I won’t be posting a review for City of Heavenly Fire because it is the last book in a series that I haven’t reviewed the entirety of. Additionally, I don’t feel I would be able to coherently produce a review that is spoiler free, and I fully respect that some aren’t able to obtain a copy of the book asap, and therefore wish to read the book without me ruining it 😉