REVIEW: Surrender the Sky – Meradeth Houston

surrender the skySurrender the Sky

Meradeth Houston

Companion Novel


First published May 2014 by MuseItUp Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-771-27517-0

– 4.2 stars

“Gabby lives by two unbreakable rules: don’t expose her kind, the Sary, and don’t fall in love—too bad some rules are made to be broken.
When Gabby’s most difficult charge accidently shoots her in front of a class full of students, the event exposes her carefully hidden identity. She shifts from looking like a normal teen to her secret Sary form, revealing her wings and the existence of her kind—immortals who try to keep people from committing suicide. Her incident attracts the attention of the next leader of the Sary, Jassen, who offers her an impossible bargain: she can keep her wings if she makes amends with those who know the truth. Things get more complicated when a rebel Sary, intent on exposing them to the world, starts interfering with Gabby’s work. And there’s no denying her attraction to Jassen, who is torn between his duties and his heart. With threats at every turn and her immortality on the line, Gabby has to find a way to save the Sary or surrender the sky forever.”

I went into this novel not knowing a single thing. I won this book in a giveaway, hosted by . I was so happy that I won my fist ever giveaway from this blog, as it is amazing and I recommend every one to go check it out now!
This book starts with a tense scene that had me hooked! Gabby is a Sary- someone who tries to prevent people from committing suicide- and after a failed mission, reveals her true form to her physics class. This unloads heap loads of difficult questions from her classmates and also the attention of other Sary, who now believe that Gabby is unfit to proceed with her job at being a Sary. Then Jassen enters Gabby’s life. He’s the next leader of the Sary. And without giving too much away, has someone who is determined to bring him down.

This was a fantastic read written from a first person POV. Gabby narrates the entire story and we get to know her through and through. She is an honest, funny, kind being that tries to make amends for a mistake that now threatens to make her lose everything. I enjoyed reading about all the characters introduce, whether they are a minor or major character. My favourite character was Gabby, because she was interesting and had interesting thoughts about her immortal Sary life. The setting was built up sufficiently but wasn’t a major aspect of the book. The only character I had a major problem connecting to was Nathan because even by the end, I didn’t understand his decisions and motives for anything he did.

There were the odd cliques in this book, but if you are easily able to look past them then I think that you’ll still enjoy this novel. I did find the end slightly abrupt and would’ve liked it to be slightly more smoother. But overall, this book had a fantastic pace and I flew through it, not wanting it to end. However, I was distraught when I did find out that this was a companion novel to Houston’s earlier novel Colours Like Memories. I would’ve loved another novel, or even another two or three. Hopefully, Meradeth Houston plans to write more books, continuing Gabby’s story.

Please like and comment below if you have read this book, you want to buy this book but need more persuading or if you agreed/disagreed with my review. I’d love to hear from you! Or you can contact me here.

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