TBR: Easter Holidays’s Upadate 2.0

I have discovered that I really shouldn’t have attempted to read the  5022 pages that makes up George R. R. Martin’s a Song of Fire and Ice series within the space of 15 days, on top of actually leaving the house and going places with the fam, and on top of a double decker bus load of revision. Yep, my Easter challenge has officially crashed and burned. I am currently 242 into a Game of Thrones which, yes, is progress of some sort and I am enjoying it, but it really hasn’t gone too well. I am now trying to convince myself that I am reading a Game of Thrones as well as reading other books; but of course I know I am fooling myself. These “other books” are none other that Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Lux series- A.K.A my babies. I adore this series soooo much and often just get unexplainable cravings to read Obsidian (the first book in the series), but that one book then turns into four. So that’s the reason my challenge has sucked butt.

I have vowed to myself that Martin’s series will be read,as it is also a personal goal I aim to reach. But I feel that now with all my exams coming up, I need books that are quick, fast paced and don’t require lots of brain power, because over the course of the past week I’m sure brain cells have been lost. Whereas, a Game of Thrones really is complicated and then some.

So yeah, I guess my Easter challenge has kind of been decimated. Very short lived, but oh well. Here’s a list of books I plan on reading when my schedule returns to its usual sloth like state:

Fever Delirium afterlife  blaze Throne of glass

Whether these books will actually get read is another question altogether. But enough about me, what are you reading this Easter? Feel free to comment below or contact me here.






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