REVIEW: Divergent Movie

The time has come for me to finally review one of the most anticipated films of the year. And my life. Divergent hit cinemas in the UK on the 4th of April and I had to wait a whole excruciating 24 hours before I could go and see it. I know, what a crime. Fortunately, it did not disappoint.

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First of all, has anyone else been saying Abnegation wrong? For this whole time I’ve been saying ab-eg-na-tion. But it’s actually ab-ne-ga-tion. That literally blew my mind in the cinema.

Opening with a monologue from Tris describing the faction system. I liked that for Amity and Erudite they symbolised the faction symbols with an eye in Erudite headquarters and a tree in the Amity farms. But they must have given up after that as for Dauntless, Abnegation and Candor they just showed the signs in their 2D form. I also love that Tris is so Abnegation at the start but yet she climbs on top of her own house but no one is selfless enough to ask her if she is ok and not suicidal. Congratulations Abnegation, you all just failed your initiation. When the time came for Tris’s aptitude test, I found myself really liking Maggie Q as Tori. And the test itself was really surreal and effective. Though I could nit pick and say that the young girl was supposed to be in a white dress and not a grey one and what happened to the weird guy on the bus with the newspaper? How did Tris get tested for Candor?

From here, of course, we go to the Choosing Ceremony and see the Dauntless jump from the train. This, I do have to admit, made me want to be Dauntless really desperately. Plus, Kate Winslet is like the perfect Jeanine! But was it me, or did Marcus Eaton wear a lot of blue? Watching Tris try and choose between Abnegation and Dauntless was really intense, I felt like I was in her head.

After Tris chooses to be Dauntless, she runs out to the train tracks with the other initiates. But to get to them she has to climb up these metal columns; which I thought was a really great addition to the film, adding another layer of complete madness . Then we see Tris introduced to Christina, who has seemed to shrink like 2 foot since I last checked. But height aside Zoe Kravitz was a great Christina, and I don’t think anyone else would fit the role better! Also we meet Eric on the roof of Dauntless and not Max, who I noticed wasn’t really at the forefront of Dauntless leadership like he is in the book. My next quibble with the film is that there’s supposed to be three stages of training, not two. Yeah, I know, I am seriously taking nit picking to that next level! And I also, I love Miles Teller. He isn’t the Peter I pictured but he was fitting to that part nonetheless. The scoreboards in the film were also a lot more digital than what I pictured. I imagined Dauntless to be really rustic with green chalk boards. When Christina is thrown over the edge of the chasm by Eric I found my heart going into overload but I felt like the time limit needed to be there to see if she could hold on for 5 minutes.

I really liked the paintball scene, but there wasn’t really much paintballing going on. It was called ‘War Games’ in the film, which was kind of cool in the fact that the darts from the guns simulated the pain of a real gun wound. The guns themselves, throughout most of the film, looked like toys and didn’t really enforce the fear they were trying to put across. The Four/Eric showdown was really hilarious though and was definitely a creditable addition to the film.

We lost Uriah in the first film unfortunately, but he zip line scene was still awesome. I knew Tris would forget the break and only pull it at the last minute. The fact that she stopped like 2 inches from the wall was really quite cheesy but still had me laughing like a loony.

The fear landscapes were definitely different from what I pictured, but they still worked well in the film. I was worried that in the film we wouldn’t hear about Tori’s brother- as it was an important story for Tris to hear and comes into play later in the trilogy- but we did, so all’s good! Another scene lost to the film was the’ butter knife scene’ and also Edwards character in general, which surprised me as he appears both in Insurgent and Allegiant. Overall though, it wasn’t a scene I couldn’t live without.

The scene where Tris gets attacked by her fellow initiates is intense and my heart was once again in my throat. And Four comes to her rescue, but she doesn’t get knocked out and carried by Four which I think would have shown to the audience Four’s affection for Tris. We do however, get the famous “Fear doesn’t shut you down, it wakes you up” line, where I fangirled uncontrollably.

Going into Four’s fear landscape was interesting as he teaches Tris how a Dauntless would pass a simulation and not a Divergent which was an interesting interpretation from the book. Talking of simulations, when Dauntless were being controlled by Erudite I was seriously being creeped out. Theo James looked so funny but did anyone else see that dude that was pierced like EVERYWHERE? He so should of been Eric. When Eric does hold a gun to Four’s head and Max is just stood there, how does he not see Tris behind Eric who is, might I add, holding a gun that could kill him? But that whole “say goodbye’ asshole” line really did have me squealing like a pig! I loved that line so much!

When Tris’s mum, Natalie Prior, got killed and Tris was crying- oh wow, I was really emotional. I think by that point we really got to see what an amazing actress Shailene Woodley is. And raise your hand if you though Ansel Elgort looked rather dashing in a dirty shirt and waistcoat. My hand will be straight up there, trust me. He was also pretty awesome at jumping on moving train too. The fight between Tris and a simulation controlled Four was much more physical than what I first thought it would be. In fact it was so good, it was probably one of my favourite scene’s. The ending in general was a lot different from the book, but I found that it worked very well and didn’t feel rushed at all, which again, I was worried about. The final monologue was perfect too: “We’ll ride the train to the end of the line, and then, we’ll jump”. BOOM! What a great line to finish such a great movie on.

Overall, I loved this movie. It was longer than what I first thought, but it has definitely left a long lasting impression on me. The soundtrack was a real gem, which I have download- of course- and cant stop listening to. The cinematography was amazing and the colours associated with the different scenes was really dynamic and brought out that extra dimension in which we don’t always see in book-to-film adaptations. You’ve probably read this and though I was being way too critical, but believe me, this film lived up to my expectations and then some. I do understand that it was just an adaptation. But I do like to point out what they miss out. I really need Insurgent now!!!!

Please like and comment below if you have watched Divergent at the cinema or if you agreed/disagreed with my review. I’d love to hear from you! Or you can contact me here.



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