REVIEW: The Rain – Virginia Bergin

The Rain*

Virginia Bergin

Stand Alone (?)

Paperback, 384 pages

Published July 17th 2014 Macmillan Children’s Books

ISBN: 978-1-4472-6606-8

– 1.8 stars

“One minute sixteen-year-old Ruby Morris is having her first proper snog with Caspar McCloud in a hot tub, and the next she’s being bundled inside the house, dripping wet, cold and in her underwear. Not cool. As she and Caspar shiver in the kitchen, it starts to rain. They turn on the radio to hear panicked voices – ‘It’s in the rain . . . it’s in the rain . . . ‘ That was two weeks ago, and now Ruby is totally alone. People weren’t prepared for the rain, got caught out in it, didn’t realize that you couldn’t drink water from the taps either. Even a drip of rain would infect your blood, and eat you from the inside out. Ruby knows she has to get to London to find her dad, but she just doesn’t know where to start . . . After rescuing all the neighbourhood dogs, Ruby sets off on a journey that will take her the length of the country – surviving in the only way she knows how.”

This is a stand alone novel thank god and we start as the synopsis indicates, with our lead character, Ruby, snogging her crush’s face off. I have to admit, the start of the novel was intense and fast-paced and I felt very much a sense of panic along with Ruby. This book is written from Ruby’s point of view like a diary. Unfortunately on the fifth page there is the dreaded line all readers hate to see, “My name is Ruby Morris, and this is my story…”. Wow! It physically made me cringe reading that line it really did.

Like I said the beginning of this book was great, and I was anticipating a thrilling read. This book had the potential to be really moving and emotive, but the style it was written made the author forfeit amazing detailed descriptions and instead turned it into a joke. Ruby could have developed into a smart, interesting character but instead she stayed snotty, stupid and very one-dimensional. Simon, though, I really felt like I could relate and connect to him much better. I don’t think I’ve ever been so connected to an adult side-character before in a YA book before, and his fate was emotional and really hit home how hard the situation of killer rain was for Ruby. But surely a side character shouldn’t do this more than the main character? The Rain was set in England, which I like as it’s where I am from and could imagine the setting great. However, I did use my knowledge of the place to imagine it due to lack of descriptions.

With The Rain I laughed when I was supposed to and then I laughed when I seriously wasn’t supposed to. I guess you could say that’s a problem; this book was laugh out loud funny. I was just laughing AT the book, not with it. Oops. I was also expecting a romance to appear more predominately in this book. There was none. Obviously. This was yet another let down for me as I felt that the story really did need something romantic to happen to lighten the read up a little bit to make it better.

Overall, I didn’t enjoy this book and the only reason it has such a high rating is because I enjoyed the beginning so much. Once I had got to 73% of the book, I got so bored with the story and wanted it so desperately to end, I just skim read it. I always try to stay away from skim reading, but I just simply couldn’t help myself. I just couldn’t wait to finish it, as I knew nothing else particularly earth shattering would happen. Hopefully this book is a standalone, and even if it isn’t I won’t be buying the second one. If the synopsis of this book does interest you, then go ahead, I just didn’t like the style at all. If I had to recommend this book, like really really HAD to, I would suggest it to fans of Meg Rosoff’s How I Live Now.

Please like and comment below if you have read this book, you want to buy this book but need more persuading or if you agreed/disagreed with my review. I’d love to hear from you! Or you can contact me here.

* This book was sent to me by a publisher in return for an honest review.


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